The Prance Family


By Michael Prance Williams

This is a study of the history of the Prances undertaken over a number of years by Michael Williams, the principal researcher of the family in this country.     This is now publicly available for download in PDF form by Email.  ( 1mb ).  Although there is some overlap with this present site there is a huge amount that is not covered and is new. It will be updated at intervals and an index of contents is shown below.

If you would like to receive this you should send a request by Email direct to Michael at:- 

Michael is of course the researcher and keeper of the family trees which he has assembled over the years. This is not online at present but any queries can be addressed to him at the above Email address.  We are naturally always keen to have new contacts and news of Prances around the world.  We would particularly like to link up with our cousins in America and Australia and even the far east where there are large Prance communities.  Please keep us informed and up to date.